Faithful & True Witness Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ

Second Name
Meeting Location139 Hampshire St, Cambridge
Meeting Location Note
Boston Neighborhood
Organization Phone(617) 492-1736
Denomination Type
Denomination Name
Main LanguageEnglish
Other Languages
Majority EthnicityCaribbean/West Indian (Eng-speaking)
Majority NationalityJamaica
Organization DescriptionA divinely led , sanctified, Spirit-filled, balanced apostolic ministry with strong emphasis on the individual understanding the mystery of the will of God, God's eternal purpose, and our responsibility as ambassadors of Christ.
Year Founded1998

Note: Meeting Location may not be the mailing address as many churches meet in rented space and receive mail elsewhere. Check the church’s website.

Pastors and Staff


Rev. Leroy A. Smith Pastor / President
Mrs. Ornett A. Smith Evangelist / Vice President
Mrs. Leisa E. Seaton Evangelist, Secretary/Treasurer
Mr. Mario Oscar Deacon / Board Member

Worship ServiceDayStart TimeLanguageNote
Sunday Worship Sun 12:00 p.m. English Devotion, Praise, Worship, Testimony, Preaching Musical style African Am. / West Indian
Evangelistic Service Sun 6:00 p.m. English Praise, worship, testimony, preaching